Saturday, March 06, 2010

Show #194

Δ Far-Gone Accumulator Δ
April 13th, 2010
scott bros - monkey space rock
jerry jerry & the sons of rhythm orchestra - you've lost that radical look
duane eddy - theme for moon children
rudy ekes - my pretty snow dear
dayton allen - hello sickies
herb alpert - love potion #9
pere marcel-marie desmarais - faire contre mauvaise
luciano berio - momenti
iron maiden - the duellists
ringo hour 23 side 2 seg1
jerry jerry - bad idea
ringo hour 23 side 2 seg2
varetta dillard - double crossing daddy
james gallagher - crazy chicken
sal masi's untouchables - pat's steaks
cramps - nest of the cuckoo bird
don willis & the orbits - high school boppin' baby
ryan j boyd - the west wind
tom waits - virgina avenue
big joe - in the ghetto
robot koch - gorom sen (loops haunt rmx)
kool moe dee - go see the doctor
black sabbath - country girl, heaven & hell (w/paranoid)
tom waits - hope i don't fall in love with you
johnny and the baa baas - i can't sleep
ryan j boyd - the 2nd magick
alfalfa - your cheating heart
cramps - i'm customized
duane eddy - stretchin' out
palito ortega - yo quiero a lola
carmen amaya - taranta
almeida/byrd - orchids in the moonlight
air farce - dinner by candlelight
anderson bruford wakeman howe - themes
w a mozart - sym.25 in g minor
howe anderson wakeman bruford - fist of fire
air farce - sex therapy furnace
almeida/byrd - jalousie
( O e Y N " )