Saturday, March 06, 2010

Show #193

April 6th, 2010
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - bennet cerf
shorty rogers and his giants - morpo
hound dog taylor - give me back my wig (live
alien sndtrk - acid test
addicts - you are the finger of god
caroline - je prefere parler d'amour
robert charlebois - je reve a rio
sparks - thanks but no thanks
black sabbath - sweet leaf
ringo hour 23 side 1 seg1
smoasp - musical interlude
ringo hour 23 side 1 seg2
june carter - the heel
al coker - don't go baby
lalo guerro - pancho rock
bob log 3 - daddy log's drive in car hoppin'
stu mitchell - acid
legendary stardust cowboy - standing in a trashcan
big jay mcneely - just crazy
oneness of juju -african rythms
u-roy gorgan wine
last poets - on the subway
fearless four - it's magic
daega sound system - kane's son
electric wizard - the hills have eyes, we hate you
wali & the afo caravan - hail the king
legendary stardust cowboy - i took a trip (live)
earl king - have you gone crazy
bob log 3 - ass computer
johnnt bucket - hippie in a blender
rev. antonio c. agpaoa - my meditations on self-awareness
when you're in love, the whole world is jewish - voyage to the bottom of the sea
boris alexandrov - Да здравствует наша держава (lp1, side 1 - track 3)
( O e Y N " )