Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Show #133/Best of 2008

Far-Gone Accumulator/December 31st, 2008
ufomammut - void/elephantom
tabarnacos surfers - sex on the beach
taras bul'ba - miyuki
alexandre navarro - flying in a dream
lost patrol - speak to me
red mouth - heart's on loan
sleepy labeef - endless sleep
los caminos - spaghetti sunrise
bad beers - last wave of the season
gunsmoke - lead the way
tempo and the terror twins - fat bat
morkobot - morto part 3
gangi - region 2
ryan j boyd - a composition
toby richardson - love solution
bul bul - tighten
ufomammut - nero
beehoover - stanislav petrov
tabarnacos surfers - le patriote
gunsmoke - won't be back
sleepy labeef - philadelphia lawyer
tars bul'ba - imothep
morkobot - morto part one
alexandre navarro - arcane
gangi - region 2
red mouth - hunger tree
bad beers - mervilsomente amiga
tempo and the terror twins - larry larry
los caminos - slip stream
lost patrol - venus burlesque
ryan j boyd - aliens are real
retail sectors - the longing song
bul bul - das stuck
Another year of great new music! Thanks to all you listeners and artists, helping to keep the show going strong!!!