Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Show #131

Far-Gone Accumulator/December 17th, 2008


monster magnet - medicine

merzbow vs nordvargr - brokengeist elektron

desastre - va pro inferno

hour of 13 - endurement to the heirs of shame

tom waits - cold water

violaine - cousin knepper

roger miller - my uncle used to love me....

les homards violet - le clodo

verbtones - ghostwave

los brioles - my pig is gone

gentlemen of honor - overhead projector

duangdao mondara and chailai - black superman

leroy hudson - butterfat

zro4 - gimme attention

into a circle - inside out

los relampagos - diamonds, elpaso de los urales - pretoriano - tambores de guerra - estepas - a renas movedizas - more - minnesota fats - twist de los siete hermanos

unbelievable uglies - get straight

music machine - talk talk

charlie parker - i can't get started

chet baker - my funny valentine

motorhead - ace of spades, limb from limb, over the top, i won't pay your price, don't believe a word, white line fever

desastre - espelho

hour of 13 - grim reality

monster magnet - pill shovel

merzbow vs nordvargr - luxon

tom waits - pony

nitehawks - chicken grabber

Some things just turn out that way! Tonight featured not just one but two artist profiles! Spain's instro legends and Lemmy's Motorhead, now into their 4th decade of existance! A pairing up of sound artists, one from Japan, the other a Swede. "Partikel" is an unfinished trilogy, I played tracks from the latest second installment.