Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Show #132

Far-Gone Accumulator/December 24th, 2008
earth - harvey
desastre - nenhum motivo
skream - rottan
arabian prince - take you home girl
lost patrol - the night and you
tempo and the terror twins - stiff stick
sandy nelson - teen beat 65
dick kent - the maker of smooth music
lieutenant pigeon
les serpents noir - j'ai froid
elmer bernstein - staccato's theme
the young ones - sour grape
ray anthony - peter gunn
pink floyd - saucerful of secrets
wilson pickett - she's lookin good
philly disco club - disco ooh
the phantoms - white silvery sands
oscar peterson - blue skies
kuris blow - the breaks instr
jim roberts and the caravanners - the legend of fort qu'appelle
bob luman and sue thompson - i like your kind of lovin
buddy rich - diabolus
ron rhode - fiddle faddle
joe tex - i gotcha
perth county conspiracy - stratford people, people are out of tune
arne nordheim - response 1 for 2 percussion groups
don reno and red smiley - country boy rock 'n' roll
sly and robbie - jailbreak
jim reeves - shifting whispering sands
lou reed - coney island baby
desastre - fuck capital war
lost patrol - godspeed
tempo and the terror twins - spankwire
arabian prince - take you home girl
earth - tibetan quaaludes
the capes and masks - ru 12 vs fmg
don cole - snake eyed mama
esquivel - who's sorry now?
New tunes tonight from Norway, enjoy the blackened metal of....Ok they're surf! They're >>>Tempo and the terror twins <<<from Halden!

Now I'm hard at working compiling the best of 2008 for next week!!!