Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Show #46

The Far-Gone Accumulator/April 18, 2007

Listen here! 04-18-07.mp3

The Cramps - Under The Wires (live)
Home & Garden - Marco Polo: The Voyage
Honky - Walkin' on Moonshine
Harry Partch - The Lost Kid
Blazers - Bangalore
Home & Garden - Monkey Town
Chantays - Pipeline
The haunted - I'm Just Gonna Blow My Little Mind To Bits
Upwards of Endtime - Beyond Infinity
Home & Garden - Marco Polo: The City of Kin-Sai
Surftones - Cecelia Ann
Friendly Giant - Tongue Twisters
Pamela Pau & Rafael DeLuca - First Time
Rumblers - Surf Rat
Mora Ariagga Family - Intro/Brazil
Hi-Fives - Fujikami the Warrior
Harry Partch - Exordium
Home & Garden - Holiday
Halfway to Gone - Being It
Upwards of Endtime - Dwellers of The Dust
Nevegans -Surfbound
hi-Fives - Mean old Woman
Rumblers - Night Scene
D-nice - Cherry Pie Love
Queen - Ruined instrumental
The Cramps - It's mighty Crazy
Upwards of Endtime - Circles:Reprise
Hustlers - inertia
haunted - I'm a man
Ramblers - Hanging One
Les Vogt - The Blamers
Rumblers - It's A Gass

Never get tired of those Surf instrumentals, these in particular available on Surf Legends & Rumours, well worth seeking out. A hearty helping of the heavies from Upwards of Endtime & there will only be more! Tunes from Home & Garden tonight, "History & Geography" was the name of the retrospective disc, however this band featuring Pere Ubu members, Tony Maimone, Scott Krauss & Jim Jones is still active! Even more from H&G will be played next week!

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