Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Show #45

The Far-Gone Accumulator/April 11, 2007
Upwards of Endtime - Phantom Limbs
Operacion Alboroto - Broken Bodies
Sonny Boy Williamson - Don't Start Me To Talkin'
Broken Crayons - Stop & Cop
Buddy Guy - First Time I Met The Blues
Johnny Chash - Devil's Right Hand
Duane Eddy - Son Of Rebel Rouser's - Green Onions
Hasil Adkins - Chicken Walk
Link Wray - Run Chicken Run
The Muggs - Hard Love
Broken Crayons - Flawed
Andre - La Buca
Robert Charlebois - Demain L'hiver
Kali Bahlu - Cosmic Remembrance
Andre Williams - Greasy Chicken
Bo Diddley - Road Runner
Unfortunaut - Basil & Ginger
The Muggs - Said & Done
Upwards of Endtime
Bauhaus - Boys
Broken Crayons - Bananarchy
Astroglides - Arab-Bush
Operacion Alboroto - Noches
D-Nice - Louisburg
Turbulance - Notorious (feat. Sandra Melody)
Broken Crayons - Radio Sacred....
Robert Charlebois - California
Upwards of Endtime - I Am Legend
Husky & The Sandmen - Waves Beyond The Reef
Hasil Adkins - Can't help It Blues

Man, I hope you listened! Definately one of the better shows just for Hasil, Link, Andre & Bo alone! Unfortunaut have that rare gift of pulling the listener in chord by chord and just begin charging not unlike Kyuss! Turbulance was perfect shift in tempo while Husky & The Sandmen pulled you back into cool green waters. (Broken Crayons)

And since I'm feelin' so good, I offer you 2 full cd's worth of A.A. Allen!

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