Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Show #44

The Far-Gone Accumulator/April 4, 2007
Operacion Alborato - Porque Esta Ahi
Upwards of Endtime - Battlefield
Broken Crayons - Hail to the Chief
Electric Eels - Bunnies
Fugs - Coming Down
Broken Crayons - To Anacreon
Kai Ray - I Want Some Of That
Chachi on Acid - Coffee is Good Food!
Operacion Alborato - Invasion
Nightstalkers - Road Race
Broken Crayons - Lullabye
Muggs - Should've Learned My Lesson
Unfortunaut - ursa
Broken Crayons - Malcolm
Dave Travis & The Premiers - I Don't Like Him
Broken Crayons - Underdog
Operacion Alborato - To Have & To Have Not
Unfortunaut - ursa (a song so nice......)
Electric Eels - Flapping Jets
Unfortunaut - Lunarover
Broken Crayons - Flawed
Muggs - White Boy Blues
Upwards of Endtime - Conquerers
Tony Cassanova - Showdown
Nightstalkers - Formaldehyde & Gin
Chachi on Acid - I Hate Hippies & I Hate Hemp
Operacion Alborato - Buscando Destino
Broken Crayons - Oh
Fugs - Virgin Forest
Broken Crayons - Turn Me On
Upwards of Endtime - Upwards of Endtime
Spirit Caravan - Brainwashed

Yeow! I gotta admit I gaffed, I got caught up with other matters shortly before the program & am unable to provide a downloadable file for this week's show. Too bad because it felt like it was only a half hour & not two.

But let's talk about the bands! Continuing from last week, more Nightstalker madness & Chachi on Acid insanity (I Hate Hippies & I hate Hemp....'tis funny cuz it's true). Not enough crazy for you? How about eight freak-outs from Broken Crayons to get your tongue waggin & chin draggin?!?!?! What ever these guys got prolly won't grow up here 'cuz it's too cold & dry but i swear they managed to soak some into their album cover featuring a holly jolly George W getting ready to cut out some hearts & minds. Operacion Alborato are a bunch of guys from south of the border & I'm not talking about North Dakota! Not sure what they're sangin' about but I'll go along with it. Crushing metal brought to you by Upwards of Endtime (I keep thinking of them as Upwards of Eternity in my head, driving me nuts) A great NWOBHM/classic Doom style which I'm surprised isn't more common. Fans of Cirith Ungol, Withfinder General & earlier Judas Priest take note! Still on the topic of all things heavy, Chicago's Unfortunaut snuck in the back door & was a last minute add to the show. Yep, I played "URSA" twice by mistake, but when the music's that good I don't hear any complaints.



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