Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Show #286

March 27th, 2012

elvis presley - doncha' think it's time
johnny buckett - griddle greasing daddy
j.d. blackfoot - epitaph for a head
bill carter - shot 4 times and dyin'
aardvarks - i don't need you
buck jones - a box of grass
earnest jackson - funky black man
junior wells - cha cha in blue
gruesomes - tell me how you feel
champs - 3/4 mash
fatback band - nija walk
duce crew - jammin'
positive force - we got the funk
dana dane - cinderfella
li chin sung - shame
charlie p - on the couch
keith fullerton whitman & hrvatski - stereo music for serge modular prototype
africa hitech - too late
small faces - i can't make it
john holt - ali baba riddim
sounds of musik - swinging
carl dawkins - hard time
queens of the stone age - god is in the radio
leeches of lore - cenozoic death waltz
melvins - spread eagle beagle
monster magnet - lord 13
craft - john's nightmare
double leopards - the fatal affront