Thursday, March 01, 2012

Show #283

March 6th, 2012

we the people - you burn me up & down
jimmie ballard - she's got something
lil marcy - happy all the time
django reinhardt - heavy artillery
paper dream - she's no good
heathens - the other way around
bobby rebel - valley of tears
albert king - cold feet
them - square room
toussaint mccall - shimmy
sun ra - cosmo-extensions
sex - come wake up
gyorgy ligeti - electronic piece number three
kraftwerk - europe endless
hugh le caine - the sackbut blues
marlow - colossus
tarantula - es demasiado
channel on allstars - big fight dub
tommy mccook - testify 2min
Cedric Im Brooks — Shaft
ramones - worm man
pentagram - the diver (review your choices)
necrophobic - black moon rising
night must fall - carried amidst the funeral winds
voivod - macrosolutions to megaproblems
at the gates - need
pelican - strung up from the sky