Sunday, November 16, 2008

Show #127/Louis Jordon

Far-Gone Accumulator/November 19th, 2008
color haze - almost gone
taras bulba - morder
ryan j boyd - the glowing brilliant crown
sleepy labeef - completely destroyed
bob davies - anytime
sleepy labeef - dust on the bible
joe hunter - beyond the sunset
jacke & the cedrics - road race
ollie strong & kenny hepburn - blue bonney rag
ray smith - shake around
the rabble - butter cups blue
swinging tikis - thor's hammer
jimmy oliver - the sneak
the originals - sleepless hours
channel one all-stars - big fight
morpheus deb players - god is with us
sham 69 - white riot
abdullah - they, the tyrants
the charts - for the birds
frank motley & his motley crew - honkin' at midnight
chinese comedy tape - a1
marv-ill - they call me ill
natas - alohawaii
asian pop record - ???
insider - falling down
spirit caravan - re-alignment+higher power
mighty two - nattup dreadlocks
dynamites - babylon version
big bo thomas and the arrows - how about it part one
7zuma7 - shotgun
gene october - born to keep on running
masterdon committee - funk box party
asian pop record - ???
minutemen - i felt like a gringo
tridedral - beatbox
mike anderson - tone
the damned - neat neat neat
subhumans - oh canaduh
necros - search for fame
scottbox - ups and downs
core - the monolith problem
rjb - painting the wilderness of sin
taras bulba - miyuki
sleepy labeef - foggy river
david pritchard - an admission of guilt
bambi molesters - coastal disturbance
Continuing on a good thing, you may notice a slight change in format while listening....the show is a little more random. Hey if you're only reading the playlist, you just get part of the story (I really can't record everything that goes on between the song now can I?)
Now enjoy a jump blues classic! Usually when artists re-record hit songs, the final product usually sounds as if something is lacking, like a sense of urgency. Not here! Louis Jordan revamps hits from the 40's for LP and the result is a swinger!