Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Show #126

Far-Gone Accumulator/November 12th, 2008


che - the knife

rl/vl - kweens

taras bulba - solyaristika

rich bennett - aisle 3-new england

beastie boys with cypress hill - so watcha want

gilbert and sullivan - pour o pour the pirate sherry

the monks - oh how to do now

tav falco - hey high school baby

trashwomen - daddy love

sleepy labeef - baby to cry

kustom 45 - you think i'll come running

sleepy labeef - what am i worth

cocktail preachers - deep deep space

creed taylor - invasion of the locusts

langhorns - tierra del fuego

man or astroman - sadie hawkins atom bomb

leaves of grass - crabs

count five - psychotic reaction

akira ifukube - mystery of planet x

jerry cole - pipeline

gordo - cocktails darling

evelyn freeman - didn't it rain

bobby long - mojo workout

sonny raye - whip it on me

eddie & the showmen - mr rebel

ramblers - be my love

cornelia's dad - banks of the lee

grand groove bunch - catch the beat

queen - bicycle race

pink floyd - bike

polka kings - wedding bells polka

action pact - gothic party

stark naked - i broke her heart....

mission - daddy's going to heaven now

rufus thomas - funky robot

seyfu yohannes - mela mela

hot nasties - get away from me

whodini - we are whodini

sinatra - that's life

boris - natalka poltavka overture

clutch - wishbone

fall electric - sir sun shines strong

taras bulba - der golem

sleepy labeef - sweet evelina

monks - complication

tav falco - you're undecided

trashwomen - peter gunn

kustom 45 - 13 whiskies

Tonight, I'm very happy to play newly recorded tracks from none other than Sleepy LaBeef! His new cd "Roots" is available through PONKMEDIA ! Check 'em out, not only do they have stuff from Sleepy but Tiny Tim (!) Nervous Norvus (!!!!awesome!!!!!) & GG Allin, Abdullah the Butcher (!!!!!?????WTF???!!!!) When yer done head scratching, pick up some of their releases!