Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Show #123/Ice-T

Far-Gone Accumulator/October 22nd, 2008
Listen & Hear! --- 08-22-08.mp3 ---
let there be theremin - 80cc's from hell
x-ray spex - i am a cliche
sleep - sonic titan
ostinato - the art of vanishing
fireballs of freedom - panties off
johnny cash - long black veil (unearthed)
man or astroman - polaris
pete turland - the devil in me
los teen tops - a tu puerta toque
tornadoes - bustin surfboards
chan romero - i want some more
jelly roll morton - winin boy
sodsai chaengkij - the boat that i row
bennie maupen - water torture
sakarin boonpit - peelah
mike longo - like a thief in the night
payom moogda - loomsiah
unknowns - teenage terrorist
electric sex circus - head off
sleep - dopesmoker (begin)
esquerita - esquerita and the voola - rockin the joint - wait a minute baby - oh baby - hole in my heart - i live the life i love - katie mae - hey miss lucy - gettin plenty of lovin - please come home
sleep - dopesmoker (concl)
ostinato - antiaircraft
ltbt - a kick in the ass and a firm handshake
federation x - song about that sweet lovin woman

A Show as long as all the others but with the mega epic doom bonged out DOPESMOKER takin up all the space in my head. Originally "Jerusalem" Dopesmoker is in fact a longer heavier mix...with the bonus "Sonic Titan" on TeePee Records.
NOW enjoy some early Ice-T!