Monday, October 13, 2008

Show #122/Larry Lee and The Leesures

far-gone accumulator/october 15th, 2008
ostinato - monkey gestures
morkobot - morto part 3
bad beers - last wave of the season
gun club - she's like heroin to me
knoxville girls - 'neath a cold gray tomb of stone
chang lou - when will you come back again
teenage head - you're tearing me apart
mahmoud ahmed - atawuru legn lela
yiu peng - don't say i'm silly
in excelsis - carnival of the gullible
marionettes - absolution
tsegue maryam guebrou - mother's love
pater nembrot - madria
soul plow - man of danger
bad beers - surfing the gauntlet
sly williams - i believe in a woman
gun club - for the love of ivy
high noon - glory bound
sonics - the witch
high noon - crazy fever
jiraphand ong-ard - siamese boxing
500 millas - play with me
warsaw - do like the natives
the cat - meow
virapat piengsuwan - love passion
extroverts - living in poverty
the royal sprites - noom rai por
melvin sparks - who's gonna take the weight
ostinato - goal of all believers
soul plow - dylan's song
alien sex fiend - it lives again
knoxville girls - 50ft high, 50ft down
velvette fog - i'm so glad
soul plow - tear it down
alien sex fiend - dead & buried
A show similar to last week as far as new artists so just a reminder... go and pre-order your copy of the latest morkobot soon!!!!
and be sure to sneak a peek at soulplow!
Now, here's something to go along with the Bob Davies track I posted weeks back! This spanned both sides of the 45, with a little editing, I offer you a single bite-sized morsel!