Thursday, July 31, 2008

Show #112

Far-Gone Accumulator/July 30th, 2008

LISSEN HER --- 07-30-08.mp3 --- !


sons of otis - the hunted

last minute to jaffna - dawn

ryan j boyd - a journey from darkness to shadow

huevos rancheros - endsville

venom - women leather and hell (begin)

ween - mourning glory

venom (concl)

led zeppelin - the ocean (live liverpool 72)

jj fad - supersonic (instr)

lief java - bajang bajang

ryan j boyd - the first lesson

retail sectors - the dread

wire - reuters

franz ferdinand - jacqueline

the priests - more

the fender four - margaya

the blue notes - do the pig

arabian knights - a night in arabia

abner jay - my mule

lavern baker - jim dandy

jerry butler/impressions - pretty baby

ozzy/randy rhoads - flying high again (live)

lou reed - ny star

beastie boys - pass the mic

los huracanes del norte - carinito de mi vida

ian dury and the blockheads - dance of the screamers

electric wizard - burnout

sons of otis - losin it

ryan j boyd - speak a new blue

big joe turner - hide and seek

link wray - the shadow knows

the champs - night train

al urban - lookin for money

little richard - the girl can't help it

little willie john - i need your love so bad

retail sectors - decadence

franz ferdinand - tell her tonight

wire - field day for the sundays

the tears - don't care bout nuthin

bomboras - bombora stomp

the joy boys - sandy the surfin sandfly

Well, sumpthin happened.....the show went over the air fine but I'm unable to archive the entire thing. Just about half. Pity Pity, it was a fun one! Tonight featured new stuff from show pal RJB, worked well against the retail sectors stuff no? da da!