Thursday, July 24, 2008

Show #111

Far-Gone Accumulator/July 23rd, 2008
trouble - gideon
the hidden hand - sunblood
a whisper in the noise - armament
red mouth - shoot for the stars
ventures - zocko
bastard sons of a rock n roll devil
crazy world of arthur brown - fire
durium dance band - she was only a postmaster's daughter but...
ventures - up, up and away
electronics - la danza de zorba
arrows - moondawg '65
wanda jackson - funnel of love
addicts - we got this far by faith
nat adderly - blue concept
ukr. humour songs - starist e jarteh
jimmy soul - if you wanna be happy
johnny thunder - rock a bye my baby
iretsu - novoz
red mouth - even my mama told me lies
sabazius - song of los
gary lewis and the playboys - love potion number 9
bill cosby - track n field
a whisper in the noise - you the orphan
trouble - pray for the dead
jumpel - inlinked castle
red mouth - what's who is who
electric prunes - i had too much to dream last night
bsoarnrd - come out aqt night
ventures - hot line
karel duba - the coach
eliminators - wipe out
the obsessed - mental kingdom
klaus lenz sextett - corso
trocadero sextett - leicht verdreht

More from Sir Red Mouth this week, a few more tracks showing off his ability to wig-out at a moments notice! Check 'em out hyare und hyare!!

And a new track from naysayers Sabazius, "Song of Los" is available as part of The Droning Earth XIII compilation offered as a free download! Just click the link below and get some!