Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Show #95

Far-Gone Accumulator/March 26th, 2008
Listen Here!!! ---- 03-26-08.mp3 ----

Monty Python - The Death of Mary Queen of Scots

Unfortunaut - Lunarover

Ostinato - Jagganath

Josef Krips - Allegro Assai

Wailers - Wailers House Party (live)

Blues Breakers - All Your Love

Dick Caruso - Rockin With Richard
Ralley Packs - Bucket Seats
Sir Guy - The frog
Gordo - Cocktails Darling
Charlie Chaplain - Civilian Rights
Steve Beck - Great Skate Theme
Vincent Edwards - I Got It Bad
George Jones - Tender Years
General Trees - $50 bill
MC Miker G & DJ Sven - Whimsical Touch
Hidden Hand - Coffin Lilly
Toby Richardson - Bells in Dover
Watts 13rd Street Rhythm Band - Spreadin Honey
Monty Python - Be A Great Actor
Bar-Keys - Soul Finger
Jerry Cole & His Spacemen - Outer Limits
Rev. Lofton - Look To Jesus
Jimmy Merchant - Skin The Cat
Morine & The Zercons - Show Me Where it's At
The Olympics - Talkin Trash
Super Stocks - The Last Walk
Chaino - Ubangi Rock
Donald & The Delighters - Wang Dang Dula
Pyramids - shakin' Fit
Vera Lynn - This Is The Army Mr. Jones
Leroy Van Dyke - Walk on By
Capt. Barky - Wha Dis Ya
Spencer Davis Group - Blues in F
Jethro Tull - Pussy Willow
Henson Cargill - Skip a Rope
Chevelle - No Push over, Crew Mix
Paper Lace - The Night Chicago Died
Judas Priest - Delivering The Goods (sorta)
Unfortunaut - URSA
Place of Skulls - Masters of Jest
Toby Richardson - Wherewithall
Josef Krips - Andante
Brother Jack McDuff - Shadow of Your Smile
Fabulous Wailers - Dirty Robber (live)
Jimmy Norman - Gangster of Love
Toby Richardson - Long Distance Rock n Roll
Blues Breakers - Hideaway
Super Stocks - Ventura
Waddawe have here, heavy heavy place of Skulls & Hidden hand, unfortunaut & Ostinato and brand spankers from Toby Richardson, The album is Evergreen!
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