Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Show #94/Hattie Noel

Far-Gone Accumulator
March 19th, 2008
Listen Here!!! 03-19-08.mp3
DYSE - Senge
Ufomammut - Ammonia
ghost in the Water - How to draw a Ghost
Kid Koala - Basin St. Blues
Tiny Grimes - Old Black magic
Mermen - be My noir
Tiny Grimes - Annie Laurie
Rev. Horton Heat - Wiggle Stick
tiny Grimes - Midnight Special
Sonny Lester - Shivas Regal
Joe morris - The applejack
Sly & Robbie - Rap Segment, Step up vers.
??? - Robert E Lee
Curtis Lee - Pretty Little angel Eyes
Johnny Cash - Guess Things happen that way
Fire House Crew - Too Fast
Tarmarina folk Company - Struggle
Meatloaf - I'm gonna love her for the both of us
Spitblood - Vinganca edor
Beehoover - Pioneer
Ghost in the water - Clean sinks & Folded Laundry
Manuel Barrueco - Spanish dance #4, Villanesca
Frank Culley - Coleslaw
Mermen - The Silly elephant who stomped to tea
bobby summers - pad
Professor Longhair - Hey little girl
Moon mullican - I'll sail my ship alone
Capt barley - God a knock
Allan sherman - you can a long way from st louis
Zubin mehta - close encounters suite
Unfortunaut - Basil & ginger
ufomammut - nero
end of level boss - vivid
spitblood - aprisionado
ufomammut - destroyer
toby richardson - rosewood
kid koala - stompin at le savoi
harry van walls - tee nah nah
rev. horton heat - the devil's chasin me

from last week, more from the upcoming "idolum" cd from Ufomammut, as was as a shwack of Exile on mainstream artists...more great new discs will be featured in the coming weeks!!!

Now, enjoy the bold Hattie Noel!!!


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