Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Show #91/Dizzy Dixon & The Deacons

Far-Gone Accumulator/February 27th, 2008

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Desastre - Perigo Iminente

We Insist! - An Architect

Cathefral - Grim Luxuria

Pagan Altar - In The Wake Of Armadeus

Cut Chemist - Metrorail Thru Space

Geordie - Strange Man

Theo Schumann Combo - Aladin

Creed Taylor Orchestra - The Crank

Black 'n' Whites - Take Blya Moja

Instrumentals - Are You Nervous

Sincron - In Gara La Leordeni

Mary Wells - I'm So Sorry

Bucky & The Strings - Lolita's On The Loose

J Frank Wilson - Hey Little One

Duane Eddy - Rebel Walk

Crazy World of Aurthur Brown - Fire

Royaltones - Tacos

Chris Montez - Let's Dance

Big John Bates - Tombstone Twist

Lost Patrol - Sirens

We Insist! - Imperial Cathecism

Pagan Altar - Judgment of the Dead

Gisha Bros. - Werwos Rock

Sir Finks - Double Buck

Constellations - Colorado

Originals - The Whip

Javalins - Javalins Rock

Rockatones - Shandia

Bobbettes - Look at the Stars

Link Wray & His Wraymen - Rumble

Jody Reynolds - Endless Sleep

Sandy Nelson - Quite A Beat

Trashmen - Surfin' Bird

Astronauts - Baja

Rocky Fellers - Lonely Teardrops

Ronny & the Daytonas - Sandy

Maurice Williams - May I

The Arrows - Bongo Party

Lost Patrol - Only Love

We Insist! - My Own Delight

Desastre - Chamas Da Destrauciao

Cut Chemist - A Peak in Time

Ciprian Porumbescu - Hora

Franke Echo Quintette - Melodie Fur Barbara

Cathedral - Enter The Worms

Lost Patrol - AWOL

Big John Bates - Super Chrome Deluxe

Geordie - Electric Lady

Ciprian Porumbescu - Fruza Verde

Kavel Duba & His Guitar Men - The Coach

Out now on Exile on Mainstram, We Insist!

The Lost Patrol!


Here's dizzy_dixon_and_the_deacons_-_tia_maria.mp3


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