Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Show #89/Rockatones

Far-Gone Accumulator/February 13th, 2008

Listen Hyare --- 02-13-08.mp3 ---

Chachi on Acid - I Wanna Be An Alcoholic

Lost Patrol - Lonesome Sky

Taras Bulba - Congo

Vienna CC - Lady Smile

Hour of 13 - Submission to Evil

Cre-Shells - Dracula

Royaltones - Black Lightning

Les 409 - Born in Chicago

Moptops - Moptop

Citations - Headache

Regents - Motivation

Monterays - Blast Off

Knoxville Girls - Armadillo Roadkill Blues/I Feel Better All Over

Louden Wainwright III - Therapy

George Wright - Caravan

Jimi Hendrix - Get My Head Back Together (Woodstock)

Lost Patrol - Neon Red

Taras Bulba - imothep

Nightstalkers - Catch of the Day

Hour of 13 - The Correlation

Marc Adams - Je Ne Sais Plus Quoi....

Bedwells - Karate Again

Chancilier - Generation D'Aujour'hui

Gestics - Invasion

Playboys - Jungle Fever

Vulcanes - Moon Probe

Corvettes - Shaften

Bob Vaught & The Renegades - Church Key Twist

Les Shadols - Dis-Moi Raison

Moons - Gammera

Larry Halloway - Going Up

Motivations - Motivate

Steven Wright - Intro

Paul Winter - Epic Song

Jackie Wilson - Doggin Around

Jah Wobble - Beat The Drum

Run DMC - Not Goin' Out Like That (miami Mix)

Esquivel - Guanocua

Ireneusz Dudek - Something Must Have Change

Winchester Club - But There Is No Space

Lost Patrol - Trajedy of Me

Vienna CC - I Want Your Love

Nightstalkers - Toxic Cesspool

Hour of 13 - Endurement to The Hours of Shame

Taras Bulba - mrs st mary aubin

Chachi on Acid - B-52's

Vienna CC - Mr. Operator

Hour of 13 - Grim Reality

Phil Swanson's a busy guy, I just finished playing brand new Seamount & here's another project, Hour of 13, still in the nwobhm feel (some killer Judas Priest style riffing here) but the mood is decidedly darker and more evil than Upwards of Endtime. Solid stuff. More next week with older UoE material.

Vienna CC? He just wants you to help find him his lady smile?!?!?!

I had a reat week in terms of record hunting. Somebody had gotten rid of crates of lps & 45s with some real gems. Including this Canadian rocker that was new to me. Great song, the record is in very good condition & the recording has a full rich sound!



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