Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Show #82

Far-Gone Accumulator/December 26th, 2007
Last Minute to jaffna - Dawn
Exhumed - Horrendous Member Dismemberment
B-Monster - $2
Jackie Chan - The Man is to Self-Renewal
A Whisper in the Noise - As We Were
Duane Eddy - Some Blues
Huevos Rancheros - The Moth Dance
Don willis & the Orbits - Boppin' High School Baby
Led Zeppelin - Dazed & Confused (San Bernardino, June 22nd, 1972)
The Retail Sectors - Kaze No Owari
A Whisper in the Noise - Awaken to Winter
Ustad Rashid Khan - Raga Deshkar
Huevos Rancheros - Huevosaurus
Trak-o-holic - Funk Sol Brotha
ELP - Karn Evil 9, 3rd Impression
Young Holt Unlimited - I Wish YouLove
Zappa/Mothers - Deseri
A Whisper in the Noise - A New Dawn
the Retail Sectors - Beauty of the Depression
Kyuss - III (Sky Valley)
Exhumed - Masochistic Copramania
B-Monster - Fat Rocket Rollin' Baby
A Whisper in the Noise - This Time It's
Jackie Chan - Inebriate Boxing
Kyuss - II (Sky Valley)

Well with any luck, 2008 will start off as fine as this year ended with plenty of great ol tunes & classics to be!
Italy's Last Minute to Jaffna kick things off. It's difficult to pigeon-hole these guys. Bringing in a variety of styles , post hard-core, emotional, heavy sludgey they really offer something for everyone!
Tonight also starts off a series of new tunes from our friends at Exile on Mainstream! A Whisper in the Noise offers somber meloncholic music produced by none other than Steve Albini!
Hidden Shoal artists The Retail Sectors also make an appearance, their "Forgone Conclusion" mini LP is available online as is other hidden Shoal works.
And that's it for 2007 closing out with Kyuss' classic "Demon Cleaner"!

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