Thursday, December 20, 2007

Show #81

Far-Gone Accumulator/December 19th, 2007
Kin of Ettins - Falcon Skies
Bastard Sons of a Rock 'n' Roll Devil - that Sound
Burnin' Sands - Green Onions
Monocle - Allo Taxi
Cubical - Edward the Confessor
Academy of Funk - 27 Million degrees
GuM - Live Slow Die Old
Paul Cary - Ghost of A Man
Marie Sioux - Flowers & Blood
Boris & Merzbow - Walrus
Queens of the Stone Age - sick sick sick
Nathaniel Mayer - Why Dontcha Show Me?
Peanut Butter Wolf & j. rocc - Super Sound
Sabazius - Terror is Thy Name
Lento - Emersion of the Island
Brain Washing Machine - Ritual
Peanut Butter Wolf & Dam funk - sidewayz
Nathaniel Mayer - Why Dontcha Give it to Me?
Quotsa - I'm Designer
Boris & Merzbow - Groon
Burnin' Sands - Ding
Beehoover - Erebus
Lento - Earth
Monocle - Outer Sunset
Academy of Funk - Richard Chandler
Lee Bob Watson - Highway 1 Sunset
bsoarnrd - You Make my skin Crawl
Cubical - Great white Lie
Lee bob Watson - Let's Start a band

Just some of the great music to grace this show over the past year! From the dreamy to the screamy. Thank you to all these artists & listeners making the show what it is! You'll be hearing more of these guys, plus we'll start the new year off right with brand new music from Exile on Mainstream's roster of talent!

Far-Gone Accumulator can be heard Tuesday evenings from 12-3am CST on 91.3fm CJTR, or on the web.