Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Show #40/Bob Davies

The Far-Gone Accumulator/March 7, 2007
Boris - Heavy Friends
Volt - Zwiggilusion
Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Zion's Blood
Front Line Assembly - Virus
Ollie Strong & Kenny Hepburn - Harbour Lights
Deadcats - Crypt Zombie Hula
Carolina Ramblers String Band - Lonesome Valley
B-Monster - Lo & Behold
Memphis Morticians - Donner Party Boogie
Deja Voodoo - Gotta Have Money
Sin-Tones - Knot of Wood
Carter Family - Church in the Wildwood
Lee "Pork Chop" Green - I'm Gonna Beat Your Bread
Cadillac Bill & the Creeping Bent - Leather Pants
Dock Boggs - New Prisoners Song
Blind Boy Fuller - Worn Out Engine Blues
Bloodshot Bill - Monsters Everywhere
Mississippi Mud Mashers - I Am Ready To Go
Boris with Merzbow - ... & Texas Spaceship
Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Croaking Lizard
The Rabble - Here's Your Mourning
Big John Bates - Crankenstein
Volt - Stativ
Gutter Demons - Playground Horror Peepshow
B-Monster - You Know
Les Chantels - Have You Ever Felt Blue
Memphis Morticians - Corpse Grindin' Baby
Man... or Astro-Man? - Name of Numbers
Fever Breaks - Zombie Swagger
Bill Carlisle - Heavenly Train
Memphis Jug Band - She Done Sold It Out

A lot of Canadian psychobilly & old-time blues and gospel tonight, good stuff. A loooooong Boris track, what else would you expect? I gotta say I love that Cadillac Bill song, everybody knows somebody like that... shiny leather paaaants.

Now, enjoy the big guitar sound of Bob Davies with Hugh Dixon & The Dollars!!!


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