Monday, February 26, 2007

Show #39/365 Days Project

The Far-Gone Accumulator/February 28, 2007
Memphis Morticians - Undertaker & his Pals
Motorhead - Over The Top (live)
Dixie Witch - Set The Speed
Dead Meadow - Babbling Flower
Mulatu Astatqe - Netsanet
B-Monster - Hellfire Black Pirahna
Surfdusters - Save The Waves
Sasquatch - Rattlesnake Shake
B-Monster - Naked Machine Gun Girls
Belle Epoque - Miss Broadway
Frankie Lee Sims - Lucy Mae Blues
R.L. Burnside - Poor Boy
King Floyd - Baby Let Me Kiss You
Ken Nordine - Confessions of 349-18-5171
B-Monster - Soft Flesh for The Dungeon of the Damned
Memphis Morticians - Devil's Rain
Manu DiBango - Weya
Muthurlode - Hate Me
Astroglides - Mystic Sphinx
Mountain - You Better Believe It
Johnny Shines - Evening Sun
Wilson Pickett - Get Me Back On Time, Engine Number Nine
Dead Meadow - I Love You Too
Ken Nordine - What Time Is It
Astroglides - Eli
Muthurlode - Futile
B-Monster - Outta Town
Spinal Tap - Rainy Day Sun
Jake Holmes - Dazed & Confused
Earl Hooker - Blue Guitar

Ah folks, somedays it's a challenge to bring this show to you, but brought it I did did do. The set had new tracks from B-Monster as well as Dixie Witch & Sasquatch, Dead Meadow is always good to keep the noggin' a-bobbin'. Once in a blue Moon I'll throw in the odd bit of disco I actually like, Belle Epoque definately an example of the better acts of that era. Hmm, A pretty Hard & funky mix of songs, Memphis Morticians always good for bringing it back to the roots.

Check out my latest offering on 365 Days! I've been inserting heart sounds with narration by G.W. Manning for some time, now you can get the full deal!

Now here's some film music!


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