Saturday, November 03, 2012

Show #316

November 13th, 2012

earl washington - misirlou
curfews - look at me
eddie wiggins - manteca
chandelles - jester
deacons - you can't get there from here
bentleys - portugal
elmo garcia - island love chant                
king pins - rod hot rod
mohammed rafi - chand mera dil
eddie harris - it's all right now
qt - want some, get some
james brown - the bos
alvin lucier -  still and moving lines of sile         
ramadanman and midland - more than you know
gordon mumma - the dresden interleaf
richard skelton - threads across the river
chachi on acid - pickle destroyer
ryan j boyd - it's mentioned in the sky                                             
don drummond - furthur east
eduardo bort - thoughts
dead to a dying world - concrete and steel