Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Show #313

 October 16th, 2012

elvis presley - i beg of you
bruce rowland - the moody sea
cellar dwellars - working man
carmen lesay - sunset mood
checkerlads - send for me
honeycombs - have i the right (german vers.)

musarrat nazir - pan de luddi pan de 
chairmen of the board - finder's keepers
vernon burch - do it to me 
ruth copeland - gimme shelter
spyder d - big apple rappin'
rock nation crew - laughin' at you
johanna m beyer - music of the spheres                
oneohtrix point never - stress waves
francois bernard mache - prelude
steve heimbecker - tic talk number one
oriol - night and day                   

tysondog - the inquisitor 
con dom - triumph
carnage - malignant epitaph
the sickening - castle of death