Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Show #292

May 8th, 2012

skip martin & his prohibitionists - valentines day massacre
young jessie - hit, git and split
the oblivion sect - smokestack lightnin'
quiet jungle - make up your mind
the skeptics - turn it on
davie allan and the arrows - moondawg '65
kenny and the kasuals - journey to tyme           
ventures - walk, don't run
fatback band - street dance 3:24
midnight - headlines
honey cone - sunday morning people
just-ice w/mantronix - cold gettin' dumb
dam funk - come on outside
ealan r splet - space travel with changing cho
vex'd - crusher dub 
erikm - ressac
redemption sounds - dub on the move
thumlock - out of focus
john zorn - enfant
cutopia - i just wanna make love to you               
wrecklass necklass - broken britain
pagan altar - rising of the dark lord
acid king - war of the mind
rotor - neoplan
dri - couch slouch