Thursday, February 16, 2012

Show #281

February 21st, 2012

bitch boys - ghost hop
electric prunes - antique doll
eddie miller - i like what you got
mr freddy jack - tijuana grass
ree thinkers - you were born for me
peter kelch - silly girl
jorgen ingmann - echo boogie
tigermen - close that door
king curtis - memphis soul stew
edwin starr - funky music sho nuff makes me feel good
sybil - my love is guaranteed
nin - head like a hole (slate rmx)
justin bennett - ovipool
gyorgy ligeti - san francisco polyphony
wolf vostell - happening raum
ashish khan - raga yaman kalyan
steel river - losing friends 2min
jimi hendrix - fire
supa chief - animal woman
black disciples - fall forward
wonder - what (geeneus rmx)
current 93 - jesus wept
cathedral - night of the seagulls
halfway to gone - holiday in altamont
napalm death - sick and tired