Thursday, January 19, 2012

Show #277

January 24th, 2012

jimmy ballard - chicken plucker
merv shiner- it's nothin
the king bees - that ain't love
the guess who - clock on the wall
wanda jackson - i wanna waltz
triumphs - people try my mind
N.W.A. - gangsta gangsta
big tony - bubble up
the orchids - we are the orchids
luie luie - touch of san antone
sainkho namtchylak - tuvan
michael levinas - ouverture pour une petite fete etrange
ryan j boyd - octopus love song
daft punk - musique
earth wind & fire - let's groove
lord creator - such is life
chinese pop - wild game
mogul thrash - sleeping in the kitchen
the damned - neat neat neat
wire - surgeon's girl
iceage - never return
the hidden hand - draco vibration
church of misery - el padrino
memory driven - so it seems
fatso jetson - new age android
inade - caldera
corrosion of conformity - poison planet