Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Show #251

July 12th, 2011

phantoms - pipeline
ralf bendix - baby sitter boogie
majestics - medley
jesse fuller - leavin for frisco
the fifth - tobacco road
dramarama - hitch-hikin'
dieter mobius - hasenheide
led zeppelin - living loving maid
cream - badge
zeppelin - heartbreaker
godflesh - flowers
the trad - the only way to fly
cream - sunshine of your love
compton's most wanted - growin' up in the hood
members - fear in the streets
jesse fuller - got a date at half past eight
majestics - love is here
phantoms -telstar
the nov-elettes - butcher shop blues
jack barbour - laughing dancers
gary roberts - do you know the difference...
fendermen - caravan
mac curtis - if i had me a woman
challengers - rampage
los shakers - don't ask me love
johnny lewis trio -snake hips
gaturs - cold bear
dead milkmen - if you love somebody, set them on fire
the specials - gangsters (live)
tod dockstader - apocalypse pt2
boxcutter - bug octet
obituary -slowly we rot
guild of destruction - plague elixer
pentagram - sub-basement 4
pentagram - megalania (outtake)
guild of destruction - my ruins
the specials - stupid marriage (live)
mongo santamaria - i can't get next to you
fender four - margaya
violaine - cousin kneypper
the kicks - mist
los romancieros - el bueno, el mayo & el feo
cozy cole - caravan pt2
elvis - baby let's play house

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