Thursday, June 03, 2010

Show #202/Sylvia Stoun

Δ Far-Gone Accumulator Δ
June 8th, 2010


13th floor elevators - you're gonna miss me

sandy nelson - jive talk

gerard nono deslauriers - la blague de ma blonde

funny you should say that - old age & youth rebellion

rufus thomas - wattstax set

marty gold - get back

david pritchard - under the palms

iron butterfly - in the time of our lives

ac/dc - dirty deeds done dirt cheap, love at first feel

iron butterfly - soul experience

david pritchard - dance of the domestic tools

ella fitzgerald - little white lies

funny you should say that - canada's effort at the olympics

guy warren - ballad for giraffes

sandy nelson - the flip

gerard nono deslauriers - la grosse pliene de marmalade

13th floor elevators - roller coaster

hershel almond - let's get it on

red foley - crazy little guitar man

jacques filh - wraaaaaach!

the illusions - jezebel

stud cole - always and always

tommy mclennan - bottle it up & go

the spaniels - you gave me piece of mind

the warmers - wanted more

pj harvey - a flower under wulai mountain

aggrovators - trying to wreck

mulatu astatque - yekermo sew

bauhaus - double dare, in the flat field

pj harvey - rid of me

the witnesses - stop pretending

jazz gillum - key to the highway

girma beyene - enken yelelebesh

johnny cash - banks of the ohio

the dukays - the big lie

stud cole - feels good

a.a. allen - how to have god's faith

peter sellers - smith

hank crawford - uncle funky

ramsey lewis trio - don't even kick it around


Now enjoy "Agent 0069"!


( O e Y N " )