Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Show #168

October 7th, 2009


black sabbath - n.i.b. suite

pentagram - change of heart

sleep - from beyond

sons of otis - tankard 2

saint vitus - patra

cathedral - voyage of the homeless sapien

gum - live slow die old

zoroaster - defile

obsessed - streetside

flower travellin' band - satori part 5

sabazius - terror is thy name

sunn o))) - hell-o)))-ween

kin of ettins - folkvang

earth - seven angels

reverend bizarre - goddess of doom


The 2009 Radio-Thon edition. Probably the heaviest, & certainly with some of the longest songs I've ever played. I want to thank all those who called & donated. Certainly, If you wish to contribute to community radio, you can at any time by clicking here! We rely on your support to keep not just this show, but all our diverse programs going!