Monday, September 14, 2009

Show #165/Jack Mooney + Various

September 16th, 2009
powerman - gal dem feel good
dereck irie - original love
moon - $100
mackie ranks - chat all de want
admiral bailey - mi body
laser b - bumpa wine
michigan & smiley - lu-be-lu
admiral tibbet - miss fancey
lady g - me or the gun
ranking trevor - three piece chicken and chips
10% - u sue
glen ricks - give love
rohan irie - modelling shorts
tiger - boombastic
the prince brothers - ram jam
harry toddler -big up yu chest
roland burrell - johnny dollar (big tanker version)
jigsy king - you move too fast
capt. barley - god a knock (version)
sly & the taxi gang - Rap segment (version step up)
mickel rose - mr. mension
bomb dandymite - mass murderer
capt. barky - wha dis ya
chevelle - no push over (crew mix)
fab five - one man woman (version)
gregory isaacs - stores are closed
bounty killer & angel doolas - dem can't stop the dance
general trees - $50
lorna bennett - dancing to my own heartbeat
charlie chaplain - civilian rights
e.t. webster & $1.50 - love fire
frisco kid - jackie & janet
legend - pretty & nice
principal - nah tek it so (ninja style)
pinchers - medicine dub
dr. alimantado - gimme mi gun
ninja ford & simple simon - dig your grave
sister nancy - transport connection (version)
mafia & fluxy - boast 'bout a gun (version)
nana mclean - till i kiss you (version)
root raddies - cream of the crop (dub)
stamma ranks - later fi dem
george knooks - tribal war
Nothin' but Jamaican 45's tonight! Now If you want a full cd sampling of these tracks click here and you'll find waaay back at show #30 I posted a bunch. Nearly three years later & it's still being downloaded so it must be good! You'll find the tracklist in the image & the songs through the last rapidshare link!
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