Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Show #161/Pastel Six

Δ Far-Gone Accumulator Δ
August 5th, 2009
listen here!
08-05-09.mp3 ----

malcolm yelvington - rocking with my baby
chandelles - el gato
eyes - 20 flight rock
mississippi sheiks - sales tax
lou johnson - rock me baby
el haijn - in control
panderers - mirrorball
jessus & the mary chain - the living end
hidden hand - 5 points
ballgag - beef beer & a bitch
marathon - painting by numbers
chris houston - baby jesus looks like elvis
cyniques - bonhomme
reighn ghost - black ode
gerard nono deslauriers - le petit thibodeau
syrinx - appaloosa pegasus
mujeeb alam - aa mere sathi
johnny c - barefootin
bob mcfadden - the beat generation
sgt-1 b-7
karla pandit - my hero
capt balery - god a knock version
stanley turentine & milt jackson - sister sactified
ringo hour 6 side 1
ramones - anyway you want it, slug, beat on the brat, swallow my pride, all's quiet on the eastern front, don't come close, pet sematary
panderers - really?
jmc - just like honey
hidden hand - welcome to sunshine
ballgag - douches wild
arlie duff - alligatro come across
el dorados - at my front door
lou graham - wee willie brown
moonglows - sincerley
york bros - everybodys tryin to be my baby


I'll tell you what, r'n'r instros do pop up now and again but it's truly once in a blue moon some real surf rarities cross my path!
Now enjoy The Pastel Six!
O Y N "