Monday, July 06, 2009

Show #157

Δ Far-Gone Accumulator Δ

July 8th, 2009
Yeow! 4 Hours! Download the crispy fried archive here!>>> 07-08-09.mp3 <<<
ramones - endless vacation
tommy scott -cat music
roy hall - all by myself
mikey dread - jumping master
shitmat - that track
bloc party - this modern love
parliament - flashlight
flower travellin band - satori part 2
forgotten rebels - you're a rebel too
justin tubb - rock it down to my house
wambesi gang - never run away
tom burbank - gnats
lyrics born - i'm just raw
zapp - more bounce to the ounce
pagan altar - judgement of the dead
surf teens - point surf
liverpool beats - let's get together
centurions - ishamatsu
leanjeans - listen to my words
flamingos - blues in a letter
daddy stovepipe & mississippi sarah - if you want me baby
rhine oaks - tampin
dykehouse - the unbearable phatness of being
aaron ross - the mountain
end of level boss - reticence
pentagram - burning rays
surfmen - ghost hop
surfmen - the breaker
strangers - caterpillar crawl
surfmen - malibu run
strangers - dance of the ants
surfmen - el toro
davie allan - war path
strangers - a lost soul
surfmen - cassanova
davie allan - beyond the blu
asha, usha, hemlata - chandra ko dhonde
alphons diepenbrock - marsyas
lf lp 153 a7
toots & the maytals - spiritual healing
widow maker - when i met you
ringo hour 5 side 1
prince charles and the city beat band - beat the bush
marc bolan - perfumed garden of gulliver smith
widow maker - ain't tellin you nothin
fabuous cyclones - boogie guitar
b-boy beats - no justice
pentagran - downhill slope
eolb - connotations
aaron ross - speak the truth

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