Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Show #155

Δ Far-Gone Accumulator Δ
June 17th, 2009
kenny & the friends - moonshot
mississippi mathilda - hardworkin woman
black & whites - where did you go
bo carter - doubled up in a knot
mersey 5 - what's it all about
tony alvon & the belairs - sexy coffee pot
of montreal - & so begins our alabee
lobotomia - morte na cidade
incompetents - urinal blues pt2
ryan j boyd - tick tock
incompetents - monster song
smugglers - elite manila
t-model ford - ugly ass grin
incredible bongo band - bongolia
ac/dc - dt
sandy baron - grad day us
johnny fred & his playboy band - judy in disguise
irene parveen - zara ruk ja balam
exploited - horror epic, blown to bits, let's start a war, don't forget the chaos, hitler's in the charts again, insanity, law & order, troops of tomorrow
ingostar - play it louder
cba-104 b3
rohan irie - modelling shorts
be-bop deluxe - fair exchange
ryan j boyd - magic circle
incompetents - urinal blues pt1
lobotomia live14
orioles - live it up
burt & the gentlemen - girl #1
prodigals - won't you believe
burt & the gentlemen - the great pretender
hilighters - feeling alright this morning
O Y N "