Monday, May 04, 2009

Show #150

5 Far-Gone Accumulator 5
May 6th, 2009
pipelines - cadillac
ishman bracey - saturday blues
silohuettes - here i go again
jim jackson - woke up this morning...
surfriders - rum runner
tommy johnson - canned heat blues
goth-trad - genesis
ryan j boyd - transmissions from the core
hank williams - calling you,never again, wealth won't save your soul, when god, comes and gathers his jewels, my love for you, i don't care if tomorrow never comes, honky tonkin', pan american
art of noise - metaforce
stella chee - a2
roland burrell - johnny dollar
elvis - jailhouse rock
anthrax - i'm the man
billy preston - struttin
inayat bhatti - ik talhni de do phul
ringo hr3 sd1 seg1
sky s saxon - don't slander me
jim nabors - all of this for sally
ringo hr3 side 1 seg2
albert king - ain't nothin you can do
pete rugulo - can't we talk it over
pipelines - hey baby i want to dance with you
blind willie mctell - statesboro blues
rjb - the storm
evoken - chime the centuries end, lost kingdom of darkness
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