Saturday, March 28, 2009

Show #145

5 Far-Gone Accumulator 5

April 1st, 2009
fluffy hunter - walkin blues
alberta hunter - beale st blues
todd rhodes - rocket 69
noah lewis - devil in the wood pile
les onmbres - faineant
the challengers - satan's theme
the joy boys - theme from ant hill
vex'd - crusher dub
black mountain - don't run our hearts around
upwards of endtime - in my wake
khanate - torching koroviev
jimmy witter - aaahhhh!
ray mccoy - i need it
gary shelton - stop the world
unknown - burning coal
the mystery trio - willie joe
sparkle moore - skull & crossbones, rock-a-bop, flower of my heart, killer, tiger
ringo - hour 1 side 2
scott lee - funky guitar man
principal - nah tek it so, ninja style
roman palomar - la portena
iron maiden - killers, live
the banjo kings - the burglar buck
pierre burton - r service's the man from eldorado
slade - mama weer all crazee now
harry connick jr - let's call the whole thing off
neil diamond - new york boy
george semper - soldier boy blues
upwards of endtime - the beast
khanate - pieces of quiet
jerry byrne - lights out
barrelhouse annie - if it don't fit don't force it
bullmoose jackson - i want a bowlegged woman
jerry and the diamonds -sea and shore
gus cannons jug stompers - walk right in

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