Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Show #140

5 Far-Gone Accumulator 5

February 25th, 2009
trixie butler - i'm just a good woman
shorty long - devil with a blue dress on
milton brown - garbageman blues
mel robbins - save it
bukka white - panama ltd
the embers - i walked all night
benga - flames
spitblood - aprisionado
dayglo abortions - dragons
cause for effect - opus 4
primus - wounded knee
orange goblin - king of the hornets
rage against the machine - bullet in the head sir jinx rmx
ac-dc - hells bells
jagit and chitra singh - raat bhi neend bhi kahani bhi
dizzee rascal - fix up look sharp, wot u on, hype talk, knock knock, old school. sirens
pentagram - death row
bob luman - the gun
terry jacks - put the bone in
james brown - the payback
zapp - so ruff so tuff
dezurik sisters - spanish cavalier, silver bells, sweet evelina, crawdad song, jungle town, big ball in texas, i ain't goin' no place, sippin' cider through a straw (and several others I can't remember)
orange goblin - big black
cause for effect - rytmist
primus - mr krinkle
spitblood - desperdicio
dayglo abortions - shred central
tommy johnson cool drink of water blues
elvis presley - big hunk of love
leadbelly - midnight special
larry collins - ramrod

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