Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Show #138/R.I.P. Lux Interior

5 Far-Gone Accumulator 5
February 11th, 2009
The Cramps - greenfuzz, garbageman, goo goo muck, new kind of kick, rockin' bones, love me, voodoo idol, can't hardly stand it, primitive, she said, caveman, save it, the crusher, human fly, don't eat stuff off the sidewalk, drug train, can't find my mind, tv set, jungle hop, uranium rock, the natives are restless, the way i walk, under the wires, domino, beautiful gardens, surfin' bird, green door, lonesome town, mystery plane (demo), fever, mad daddy (demo), good taste (live), no club lone wolf, i was a teen-age werewolf, is elvis dead (interview), bikini girls with machine guns, louie louie (live), eyeball in my martini, it's mighty crazy, rock on the moon, muleskinner blues, her love rubbed off (live), shortnin' bread, creature from the black leather lagoon, people ain't no good, tear it up (live), what's inside a girl, what's behind the mask, blue moon baby, wilder wilder faster faster, how far can too far go, i'm cramped, taboo
Lux Interior has left us. For those of you who tuned in, I hope you enjoyed my 3 hour tribute. It was the least I could do because simply, The Cramps are the reason I started listening to early rock. They were the introduction I had to a music barely hinted at on radio. What was on television was distorted nostalgia, remember "Happy Days"?
Coming off a vaction, I learned of Lux's passing late and had little time to organize this program and ended up playing mostly early stuff through the eighties. The Cramps last 3 studio albums are definately worthy of your cash "Big Beat from Badsville" remains a favourite of mine!
Adios Lux
O Y N "