Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Show #34

LISTEN HERE! >>>> 01-17-07.mp3
Far-Gone Accumulator/January 17, 2007
Pentagram - Death Row
Charles Mingus - Pithecanthropus Erectus
Queens of the Stone Age - Born To Hula
Led Zeppelin - In The Evening
The Cat - Meow
Pentagram - When the Screams Come (live)
Cherry Wainer - Can Can
Nick Drake - One of These Things First
DJ Q-Bert - Pumpkin Squeeze Music Excerpt
Forgotten Rebels - In Love With The System
Hasil Adkins - Shake That Thing
Viparat - Yok Yok
Pentagram - The Ghoul
Led Zeppelin - Kashmir
Queens of the Stone Age - Spiders & Vinegaroons
Charles Mingus - Percussion Discussion
Pentagram - 20 Buck Spin (live)
Cherry Wainer - La Danza
Henry Mancini - Baby Elephant Walk
Forgotten Rebels - I Think of Her
DJ Q-Bert - Pumpkin Squeeze Music Excerpt
Flatt & Scruggs - Dueling Banjos
Surapon - Ding Dong
Roy Orbison - Love Hurts
Sakarin Boonpit - All Shook Up

Tonights show featured a keg full of Pentagram! They're all I've been listening to for the last coupla weeks so I may as well feature these Doom gods who are finally getting some of the recognition they deserve! The tracks were from '85's "Relentless" & a live set from the late 70's called "A Keg Full of Dynamite". The Cat, Viparat & Sakarin Boonpit are all available on "Thai Beat a Go-Go" some really wacked out covers of western hits and originals!

It's been a while since I've shared an LP so here y'all go! Not much info on this one, so if you know the artist's name, leave a comment!


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