Thursday, November 02, 2006

Show #24

Show #24
Far-Gone Accumulator/November 1, 2006
Dale Hawkins - Tornado
Royal Crowns - Goonie Bird
Boris & Sunn O))) - Etna
Matadors - Hellhound
Trashmen - Malguena
Link Wray - Shadowman
Howlin' Hound Dogs - Cat By The Tail
Orange Goblin - Round Up The Horses
Creepshow - Shake
Necromandus - Night Jar
Tornados - Telstar
Astrobillys - I Lie Awake
Creed Taylor Orch. - Red Eyed Rats
Farrell Bros. - Fight
Kim Shadow et Piki Soul - Aves Vous Vu Mon Pote?
Skinny Boys - I Wanna Be Like
Bloodshot Bill - Root-Toot-Toot
Memphis Morticians - Donner Party Boogie
Swank - 1963 Galaxie
Santo & Johnny - Slave Girl
Duane Eddy - 3:30 Blues
Attic Daddy - Dead End
Ventures - Out Of Limits
Brains - Train
Monument - Dog Man
Kenny & The Fiends - House on Haunted Hill
Flesh - Last Breath
Zacherley - Hurry Bury Baby
Screamin' Black Cadillacs - I Know
Boris & Sunn O))) - Blood Swamp

My "Just missed Halloween by an hour" show! My psycho-billingiest show to date! Many songs featued from the fantastic "Zombie Night in Canada 2" set. Also brand spankin' new tunes from Memphis Morticians and a collaboration between Boris & Sunn O))) entitled "Altar".
I'm really loving "Altar". "Sinking Belle" is one of the most beautiful tracks I've heard in a long time, but back to the show.
I guess there wasn't much directly related to Halloween played, but my God, there's more out there than "Monster Mash" right?!?! Right!
Zacherley kills me, I mean he really slays!

Now for this week's show sharity as pictured.
This is another killer of a record that's a real mystery. It appears to be of a children's puppet show and the show's hosts are pictured on the bottom? These songs are great, hearing the last one really floored me! Now I'm guessing it is possible that it was lifted from another recording, but the chorus brings that into doubt. Anybody have any answers?

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