Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Show #22

Show #22
Far-Gone Accumulator/October 11, 2006
julia lee & her boyfriends - it comes in like a lion
stanley macdonald - roger the miller
andre williams - pass the biscuits
rudy ekes - rosalinda waltz
continental cousins - peppermint twist
che - pray for rock
john charles picardy - roses of picardy
hasil adkins - she said
marie hare - round her mantle so green
tesla - morse
the burns - i saw her standing there
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - rover & rusty
wes dakus - el ringo
stompin tom - roving all over the land
miki obata & the outcast - jane jane
cherry wainer - tico tico
g.w. manning - case 4
the sparkles - girls girls girls
al boliska & bill brady - world's worst jokes
link wray - the swag
julia lee & her boyfriends - i know it's wrong (the diet song)
stompin tom - rubberhead
the cougars - j & a
g.w. manning - case 8
hasil adkins - ha ha cat walk baby
the bosch - borg warner, four on the floor
donn reynolds - salt brush sue
ennio morricone - comeune sentenza
g.w. manning - case 12
dean beard - i need your love
astroglides - margaya
joe hunter - church in the wildwood
the mongols & piki soul - nautiloid reef
joe hunter - how great thou art
piki soul - have a cookie
ennio morricone - l'homme, l'harmonica
rudy ekes - old time polka
hank mizell - jungle rock
pere marcel marie desmarais - servant et clochette
the mongols & piki soul - train to satanville
aswad - roots rockin'
les chantels - shaggy baggy joe
olive green - the doo bad hustle

So, second show using themes, I think it's working well, if there is anybody out there who would like to comment on them I'd like to hear it.
Tonight's show featured some new music, a really cool laid back hip-hop instrumental "The Doo Bad Hustle" by Olive Green on Candlewax Records you can check them out here or here

This song is from a record "The Songs of Chang Siao Ying". Now whether or not it is actually her singing is the question, because I believe there is a compilation available with the same song credited to Chang Siao Ying and it is definately a different recording. I've had people say this song is both catchy and annoying with it's "yay yayaya yayaya ya yay".

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