Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Show #250

June 28th, 2011
-- Download it here! --
piere d'aragon - boogie twist
swingin neckbreakers - you
john stetch - phun toon
cesar et ses romains - pour toi
marthe flourant et tex -la bolduc '68
alien sex fiend - crazier still
little marcy - sunlight
lydia lunch - emerald pale has disappeared
john pfieffer - warm up canon & peace
john pfieffer - forests
lydia lunch -the drowning
alien sex fiend - stuff the turkey - bootiful dub #1
les sultans - la poupee qui fait non
cesar et ses romains -toi et moi
piere d'aragon - doubie doubie
swingin neckbreakers - thinkin' man's girl
surfriders - surfbeat
charlie aldrich - kinsey's book
george jones - rock it
napoleon xiv - they're coming to take me away!
screamin jay hawkins - please don't leave me
los in - mi pequendo libro rojo
john neal - cleopatra's barge
willie west - fairchild
black flag - jealous again
charlie p - on the couch
john hassell - before & after charm
nusrat - sanson ki mala
high on fire - the face of oblivion
high on fire - devilution
nihilist - severe burns
nusrat - angrai peh angrai
O Y )

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Show #249

June 21st, 2011
Download it here!
ladi geisler - ladi's guitar boogie
phantoms - wheels
invictas -the hump
moby grape - millers blues
junior walker - last call
instant funk - i got my mind made up
doughboys - tradition
uic - ignoramus
john cale - walkin' the dog
john cale - captain hook
uic - get red
eazy e - ch8 vrs10
doughboys - stranger from within
social chaos - insanos
junior walker - road runner
the capes of good hope - lady margaret
ladi geisler - big guitar
phantoms - guitar boogie shuffle
t. texas tyler - i want to learn to do it
rj & artie - maria
jeff daniels - daddy-o rock
cramps - uranium rock (live)
naufragos - hippies y todo il circo
electric prunes - are you lovin' me more
jimmie mcgriff - jungle cat
funkadelic - you hit the nail on the head
the unemployed - funky thing
iannis xenakis - hibiki hana ma
distance - koncrete
monster magnet - superjudge
t-rex - new york city
thin lizzy - the rocker
monster magnet - twin earth
morbid angel - chapel of ghouls
circle jerks - in your eyes
t-rex - free angel
shirley scott - messie bessie
thin lizzy - she knows
funkadelic - if you don't like the effects...
jim pierce - seventh veil
cramps - can't hardly stand it
charlie feathers - one hand loose
bob crewe generation - music to watch girls by
hitters - el ovni
Weird thing, record collecting is. When I was prepping show 248, I drifted off onto the web to various collector's sites & read a bit about The Invictas. The next day on my way to CJTR I stop at a nearby 2nd hand store & find "The Hump"! One of those wildies I never thought I'd get a "real" copy of!
O Y )

Show #248

June 14th, 2011
-- Download it here! --
ventures - eleventh hour
"best folk songs" a-1
deja voodoo - beat me to the lunch
gunsmoke - gunsmoke
let there be theremin - peppermint fuzz
eugene chadbourne - lucifer sam
lair of the minotaur - lion killer
tomita - a night on bare mountain (mussorgsky)
e. power biggs - Intonazioni D'organo (gabrieli)
tomita - prelude to the afternoon of a faun (debussy)
public enemy - black steel in the hour of chaos
local disturbance - no u.s.a
deja voodoo - weird world
eugene chadbourne - how can you kill me
let there be theremin - curse of the camel toe
gunsmoke - all along
"best folk songs" b-1
ventures - rap city
johnny burnette - honey hush
thom starr & the galaxies - mr. moto
hank penny - let me play with your poodle
ruben y sus emociones - mary y juana
thee headcoats - a town called squaresville
shadows 0f knight - oh yeah
oblivians - she's a hole
jeri simpson - my black lace
6ix - i'm just like you
prince jazzbo - for star
desto - one ting
kryptic minds - three views of a secret
richard maxfield - sine music
pandit kamalesh maitra - raag puriya dhaneshree
saint vitus - the war starter/mystic lady (live)
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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Show #247

June 7th, 2011
--- Download it here ---
cyniques - commerciaux
john mayall - worried mind
bernard wright - haboglabotribin'
doc - it's funky enough
scottbox - clocks tickin
jj fad - time tah get stupid
kernal - a quick little freestyle
138ac/dc - are you ready?
forbidden - march into fire
ac/dc - thunderstruck
forbidden - follow me
peter hammill - a louse is not a home
the cure - the same deep water as you
scottbox - i'll never be the same
kernal - quickbeat
randy newman - rollin'
cyniques - les plaines d'abraham
lucky peteson - over my head
homer zeke clemons - i sell the coldest stuff in town
astronauts - hot doggin
warren smith - rock n roll ruby
vibrants - scorpion
los canarios - 3,2,1...ah!
islanders - kontiki,
santo & johnny - slave girl
los straitjackets - squid
shig & buzz - lost in the shadows
curtis mayfield - we're all gonna go
geto boys - let a ho
mauf - house of love
torch - warlock - ira
klaus shultz - melange
marlow - colossus
residents - where is she?
place of skulls - lost
place of skulls - long lost grave - revelation
repulsion - maggots in your coffin
simpletones - i have a date
manu dibango - african hustle
johnny harris - stepping stones
O Y )